Fysica Musica

Musici en bands willen nog wel eens natuurverschijnselen en/of andere natuurkundige zaken (of aanverwante vormen van wetenschap) gebruiken in hun muziek. Of is muziek eigenlijk helemaal natuurkunde? En klinkt natuurkunde als muziek?
Onderstaand een overzicht van een aantal muziekstukken waarbij natuurkunde te herkennen is in de titel.

Muzikant / band
1. Time Tom Waits Big time  
2. How high the moon Charlie Parker The bird  
3. Staring at the sun U2 The best of 1990-2000 2002
4. Sonic wind Calexico Hot rail 2000
5. Afraid of sunlight Marillion The best of both worlds 1997
6. Watch you fall Twinemen Twinemen 2003
7. Blue moonlight Los Lobos Just another band from east L.A. 1993
8. Spark Nitin Sawhney Philtre  
9. Sunrise Norah Jones Feels like home 2004
10. The sun is shining Dave Hole Short fuse Blues 1990
11. Planet ultra Urban Dance Squad Beograd live 1996
12. Gravity eyelids Porcupine Tree "in absentia"  
13. Gespeegeld in de raam Rowwen Hèze Kilomaeters 2005
14. Red moon Hans Dulfer Dig! 1997
15. And then the moonlight Easy meat New facts, in the strange case of......  
16. Sparks The Who Tommy 1969
17. Over the moon Luka Bloom Riverside 1990
18. Black math The White stripes Elephant  
19. Jumpin' at shadows Gary Moore After hours 1992
20. Electrical storm U2 The best of 1990-2000 2002
21. Collapse the light into earth Porcupine Tree "in absentia"  
22. Out of the shadows Jimmy Vaughan Do you get the Blues? 2001
23. 2 + 2 = 5 Radiohead Hail to the thief 2003
24. Crystal Weather Report I sing the body electric 1972
25. Automatic The Red devils King King 1992
26. Lithium Nirvana Nevermind  
27. White moon The White stripes Get behind me, Satan  
28. Room full of mirrors Jimi Hendrix Cornerstones 1990
29. Closer to the stars Soul Asylum While you were out 1993
30. Symptom of the universe Black Sabbath The best of...... 2000
31. Signal Stan Getz ......at Storyville 1953
32. Lexicon David S. Ware Go see the world 1998
33. Our moon our stars (The shakes) Keith Caputo Hearts blood on your dawn 2006
34. Sonne Rammstein Mutter  
35. Up to the moon (nighttime) Zita Swoon Place tattoo / Circumstances 2000
36. Rainbow day Luka Bloom Between the mountain and the moon  
37. Kosmisch dansant Kama Jazza Take 2  
38. Sunset Nitin Sawhney Philtre  
39. Solid ether Nils Petter Molvaer Recoloured  
40. Radioactivity Kraftwerk The mix  
41. Space is the place Corrie en de Grote brokken Kado uit de hel  
42. Like a mirror Morphine The night 2000
43. Space dementia Muse Origin of symmetry  
44. Pi The Orb Orblivion  
45. Oh lord don't drop that atomic bomd on me Charles Mingus Oh yeah  
46. Sparks Coldplay Parachutes  
47. Moonrise Nitin Sawhney Philtre  
48. Like the moon John Scofield Band Up all night  
49. The whole of the moon The Waterboys Best of '81 - '90  
50. Einstein brain Admiral Freebee Admiral Freebee  
51. So far I have not found thge science Soul Coughing El oso 1998
52. Global warming Sonny Rollins Global warming  
53. Een kwestie van tijd Corrie en de Grote brokken Kado uit de hel  
54. Free fall Dulfer Skin deep  
55. Orion Asylum street spankers Spanker madness 2000
56. Satellites Rickie Lee Jones Live at Red Rocks  
57. Here comes the sun Jesse van Ruller Circles  
58. Firestar The Orb Cydonia  
59. Astronaut Spinvis Spinvis  
60. The planet Hans Theessink Live  
61. The robots Kraftwerk The mix  
62. Collapse Soul Coughing Irresistible bliss 1996
63. Shakin' mirrors Kama Jazza Take 2  
64. Sun is shining Bob Marley & The Wailers One love  
65. Reflection Tool Lateralus  
66. Orbits Wayne Shorter Alegría  
67. Moon Corrie en de Grote Brokken Brokstukken 1999
68. Electrolite REM In time 1988 - 2003  
69. The light of a fading star Flogging Molly Within a mile of home  
70. Electricity Jon Spencer Blues explosion ACME-PLUS  
71. Heat Apocalyptica Reflections  
72. Halo Porcupine Tree Deadwing  
73. Satellite Giant Sand Chore of enchantment  
74. Letter e Briggan Krauss 300 1998
75. Walking on the moon Sting The best of......  
76. Ice Medeski, Martin & Wood End of the world party (just in case) 2004
77. Man on the moon REM In time 1988 - 2003  
78. Blues before sunrise John Lee Hooker Blues encore 1990
79. Hora Oi Va Voi Laughter through tears  
80. Battery Metallica S & M  
81. Putti'n' people on the moon Drive-by Truckers The dirty south  
82. Reflector Medeski, Martin & Wood End of the world party (just in case) 2004
83. The scientist Coldplay A rush of blood to the head  
84. Parabol / Parabola Tool Lateralus  
85. Focus Arthur Blythe Focus 2002
86. e Novastar Novastar 1999
87. Sunset James Carter Gardenias for lady day  
88. Distance Pat Metheny Group Still life (talking) 1987
89. See the light Jeff Healey Band The very best of......  
90. Isotope Joe Henderson The state of the tenor 1985
91. Solid Soulive Soulive 2003
92. Full moon over Dallas Mike Morgan & The Crawl Full moon over Dallas 1992
93. Aéro dynamik Kraftwerk Tour de France soundtracks  
94. The rising sun The Nits Les nuits  
95. Dark star Beck The information 2006